All Things Considerate

Well, it was what it was, let's all get on with it now.

MY: Mother did a barrel roll


I know you’re probably thinking, “So, your mom did a barrel roll. Big whoop.” Well, what if I told you she did a barrel roll out of a moving car. Now that’s pretty interesting huh?

Well, let me be a bit more specific when I say that she did a barrel roll out of a car…that I was driving. That…

This is my niece. Writing about my sister in law.

The Endorsements: September 2014

A list of things that I’ve been enjoying in culture, circa now. Some are old and some are new. All are hereby endorsed.

- the music of Sturgill Simpson, especially “Turtles All The Way Down.” Because everybody needs psychedelic country music in their life.
- Cymbals Eat Guitars’s “Jackson” and “Xr”
- Paul Giamatti reading Teddy Roosevelt’s speech from the day he got shot as part of the Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelt family on PBS
- gingham shirts
- This Old House on PBS
- the comedy of Ron Funches
- I’m late to the party but “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is awesome. Especially the cinematography.

one’s not half two. It’s two are halves of one:


one’s not half two. It’s two are halves of one:
which halves reintegrating,shall occur
no death and any quantity;but than
all numerable mosts the actual more

minds ignorant of stern miraculous
this every truth-beware of heartless them
(given the scalpel,they dissect a kiss;
or,sold the…